“This new foot pedal holder is an ingenious device which allows easy movement of both foot pedals under the operating table either from patient to patient, or from the position to another (R/L side, superior). The OR staff love it and it saves their backs from having to bend over and move the pedals. It also minimizes head injuries from standing up under the scope after moving the pedals”.

Francis W. Price Jr. MD
Price Vision Group
Indianapolis, Indiana

New Mastel Technology

Mastel Fog Free System

“One of the most significant frustrations I experience during surgery is the frequent occurrence of ocular fogging. Since adding the Freeman Fog Free System this frustration had disappeared completely. The Fog Free System is one of the best investments I have ever made!”

Roper Cionni. MD

Mastel Arcuate Compass

“TWe are pleased to introduce our new Arcuate Compass that sets all of the angles perfectly normal to the cornea and locates the diamond to be tangential to the arcuate at all times-all of this aimed at a 10 millimeter optical zone and applied with our ultimate premarking and centration systems; along with ultrasonic pachymetry to achieve the proper depths on a given cornea.  This is in perfect keeping with the only validated astigmatic keratotomy nomogram available in the world today, namely our Nomogram Adjusted for Pachymetry and Age (NAPA) from Louis D. ‘Skip’ Nichamin, MD..”


Mastel Trocar

“To conclude, the special features of the Trocar ACM are transconjunctival biplanar wound construction with minimal or no recession of the conjunctiva, anchoring of a standard infusion cannula, and simultaneous closure of the sclerotomy ports, which allows better control of IOP. This technique shortens operative time, demonstrates less postoperative inflammation, and hastens wound healing.”


2017 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery