Mastel Instrument Identification Tips:

Mastel handles have been engraved with our  Brand, a Lot Number and Item Order Number, or a Serial Number,  and a CE Mark since 2013. The images bellow identify these Identification marks and their location on our marker handles. Instruments built before 2013 can be identified in house or by photograph please Contact Us with questions.

CE Mark:
A CE mark indicates a products fulfillment relevant European product directives and safety standards allowing it to be sold in Europe.

Lot Number:
The lot number is specific to a batch of built instruments. It is designated when the instrument batch is assembled and used to track instrument components and history. (Instruments that have a serial number will not have a lot number.)

SKU or Item Order Number:
The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or Item Order Number is an alphanumeric code designating instrument type. This code can be used to identify a product or order additional products of the same style.

Scalpel Quirks:
Mastel Scalpels come in three basic models: the President Full Extension Handle, the Elite II Micrometer Scalpel, and the PHD II Step Scalpel.

Serial Number:
All Mastel Scalpels are serialized. Each model of scalpel handle comes with a unique starting letter designation. President scalpels have serial numbers starting with G, Elite II scalpels have numbers starting with MM-, and most PHD II scalpels start with P- exceptions being the Miller (PHD II) Specialty Model that starts with K- and the Ahmed LRI Angle Model that starts with J-.
Illuminated Surgical Keratoscope units are also serialized.

President Model Identification Marks

President scalpels have serial numbers starting with G.

Elite II Identification Marks

Elite II scalpels have numbers starting with MM-

PHD II Idetification Marks

Most PHD II scalpel serial numbers start with P-
Miller (PHD II) Specialty Models have serial numbers starting with K-

PHD II Ahmed LRI Idetification Marks

Ahmed LRI Angle PHD II Specialty scalpels have serial numbers starting with J-