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Video by Louis D. 'Skip' Nichamin, MD

In the following videos, Dr. Nichamin demonstrates surgical use of the Elite II Diamond Micrometer along with his excellent, clinically proven NAPA Nomograms for managing corneal astigmatism.

Astigmatism Management for Modern Lens-Based Surgery

Jason Jones, MD
Demonstrates Corneal Relaxing Incisions
Using NAPA Nomogram

In the above video, Dr. Jones demonstrates surgical use of the Elite II diamond micrometer scalpel (diamond knife) to reduce corneal astigmatism via Astigmatic Keratotomy using Dr. Nichamin’s NAPA Nomogram.

Ray Oyakawa, MD
Demonstrates Pachymetry Adjusted AK
NAPA Nomogram Technique


  • Profile Footplate

    “The Profile Footplate and diamond blade is as fine an instrument as you have ever provided me. It has unsurpassed cutting qualities and is a joy to use. It is a perfect mate for my NAPA Nomogram. I recommend this instrument without reservation.”

    Louis D. “Skip” Nichamin, MD
    Laurel Eye Center
    Brookville, PA
  • Elite II Diamond Micrometer

    “The Stegmann-Hill Stabilizer diamond knife with the Elite micrometer provides exceptional control and excellent visualization for limbal relaxing incisions, or any number of others uses where a precise vertically oriented diamond blade incision is required.”

    Warren E. Hill, MD, FACS
    Mesa, AZ
  • Elite II Diamond Micrometer

    “I have been using Mastel diamonds for many years and currently use a trapezoid blade for bimanual cataract surgery and the Elite II for depth adjusted LRIs. The trapezoid blade make a consistent incision for my bimanual cataract surgery and the Elite II makes a very thin cut in the peripheral cornea for LRIs. It makes a very thin cut with less foreign body sensation compared to other LRI blades I have used.

    I would recommend these blades to all cataract surgeons and the Elite II is a must for premium IOL surgery to control astigmatism.”

    Ray T. Oyakawa, MD
    Torrance, CA
  • AK Diamond Knife

    “The Elite II Micrometer diamond is finally an AK diamond knife, that we should have had for a long time. In limbal AK it avoids conflicts with the conjunctiva, in all other AKs it provides the final solution to stable alignment during the cut with visibility. I will have to talk to Mastel for an update of all the other footplates I have purchased over time….”

    Thomas Neuhann, MD
    München, Germany


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