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Diamond Element Series Promoting the Understanding of Diamond Blade Design in Relation to Wound Closure.

The “Diamond Elements” series by Mastel aims to explain the important aspects of ophthalmic diamond scalpels that can have an impact on cataract wound architecture. We created this series to assist our clients in making more informed scalpel purchases, promote a better understanding of blade design in relation to wound architecture, and encourage customers to purchase blades with 60-degree tip angles, as opposed to 90-degree tip angles.

Diamond Element 1 - Piercing Characteristics

Element 1 explains the benefits of replacing 90 degree Spear tipped blades with 60 degree Lance tipped blades. Specifically, how this change reduces both corneal stress caused by the incision and the force necessary to make the incision.
Diamond Element 1 PowerPointDiamond Element 1 Notes

Diamond Element 2 - Alpha Angles

Element 2 defines alpha angles as the included angle between facet planes on a diamond blade, describes how varying alpha angles change edge sharpness, and discusses the importance of properly placed alpha angles.
Diamond Element 1 PowerPointDiamond Element 1 Notes

Diamond Element 3 - Blade Margin Optimization For Dedicated Width Blades

Diamond Element 3 discusses the relationship between blade margin geometry and wound margin stresses. Optimizing diamond blade margins can result in improved wound closure and fewer complications. Diamond Element 3 Notes

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