What is Mastel’s Annual Maintenance Program For Diamond Knives?

What is Mastel’s Annual Maintenance Program?

A diamond knife is an ophthalmologists most valuable surgical instrument for incisions. Mastel recommends annual cleaning and inspection of a diamond knife to extend its life by removing the saline and cellular buildup while also ensuring the epoxy integrity and diamond edge. This is why Mastel offers scalpel maintenance services (e.g. blade cleanings & inspections) and an Annual Maintenance Program for diamond scalpels.

We know what you are looking for, a precise edge to perform with as little resistance and best wound histology possible. Over time even a diamond can lose its edge. The epoxy that holds the blade into the mount will swell and lose integrity. This is why Mastel offers an Annual Maintenance Program for Diamond Knives, so your surgeons can have confidence in the integrity of their diamond scalpel’s throughout every case.

With this Annual Maintenance Program, which can be filled out with the help of a Mastel Customer Service Representative, each enrolled diamond knife will be allotted TWO FREE diamond cleaning and inspections per year (a $200.00 value), 20% off ALL repairs. We also offer enrolled members a 20% discount, off retail price, on Mastel’s diamond blade cleaning systems (24 per case).


What if the surgeon uses a brand other than Mastel for diamond knives?

No worries! We offer this program to ensure the surgeons diamond knife is well maintained regardless of the brand. Time spent in the operating room needs to be well utilized and every second counts. With a dull or rough scalpel the surgeon could  be spending an extra 15-30 seconds stopping the incision leakage for every case.

While Mastel services all brands of diamond knives and blade types, our mission to help doctors find the best preforming scalpel is our passion. A Customer Service representative will reach out to you with a quote to fix your diamond knife but may also offer you a trade in option to a Mastel diamond knife at a discount.

What can I expect during the repair of a diamond scalpel?

The day we receive your scalpel it is evaluated by our expert repair technicians. At Mastel our diamond technicians have been known for their quality and quickness. After evaluation, our customer service team will personally reach out to you with a quote for the repair. When the quote is approved repairs of the diamond knife begin. Some repairs have reportedly been back in the surgeons skilled hands in less than 2 business days!

What can I expect from the cleaning and inspection of the diamond scalpel?

Although surgeons and/or their trusted staff clean and sanitize all instruments after every case, saline and cellular buildup will occur. To extend your diamond scalpel’s life, Mastel recommends annual cleaning and inspection. After we receive the scalpel, the diamond edges, holding epoxy and handle are cleaned. If we notice any problems or issues with the scalpel during inspection (the handle sticking or components broken) we will reach out to quote for repair. You can expect your scalpel back in good as new condition, satisfaction guaranteed! [View our warranties]


What is the Diamond Blade Cleaning System Mastel offers?

Mastel’s Diamond Blade Cleaning System is the safest, and most efficient method for cleaning diamond knives after use. Individual kits may be used for an entire surgical day so the purchase of a case (24 each) would cover the surgeon for 24 surgical days. The foam material is excellent, non-shedding, and hygroscopic. The Non-toxic surfactant cleaning solution with the final rinse being clean water (99.99999% pure). Enroll in Mastel’s Diamond Annual Maintenance Program for diamond knives and save 20% on every case.

    1. Insert the soiled blade into the soft scrubbing cleaning pad.
    2. Work the blade in a cutting-like fashion to clean material from the blade surface.
      (Repeat steps 1 and 2 until blade is clean when visually inspected, then proceed to step 3.)
    3. Simply repeat steps 1 and 2 in both rinsing compartments and you’re finished.

Is This Right For You?

A diamond scalpel maintenance plan is a key factor in keeping your diamond scalpel in pristine condition. Mastel Precision Surgical Instruments provides you with an opportunity to ensure the highest possible quality of care for the surgeons diamond scalpel with Mastel’s Annual Maintenance Program. You are given 2 FREE diamond cleaning and inspections, 20% off repairs for ALL enrolled diamond scalpels (All brands of diamond knives are eligible), and a 20% discounted price for every case of Mastel’s diamond cleaning kits ordered.

For any other questions, comments, concerns contact a Mastel Customer Service Representative through our Contact Page.

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