Nichamin Preset .3 Fine Triamond


Nichamin Classic 600 Preset for LRI. The original Nichamin footplate in the President™ handle provides the surgeon with the simplicity of a preset incision depth (typically 600 µm). This features the curvilinear design ideal for use with ring guides or freehand to make smooth arcuate incisions. The extended length of the footplate and highly finished surfaces reduces epithelial drag.

The Nichamin Classic 600 Preset is the scalpel used by Dr. Skip Nichamin in creating his original Nichamin LRI Nomogram.

The highly versatile Fine Triamond is the ideal diamond to pair with this classic design. The highly finished curvilinear footplate provides the ideal applanation for a preset depth AK. The diamond’s truncated tip creates the perfect incision, while the slightly angled edges can cut either direction.