Mastel Arcuate Corneal Compass (MACC)

“Finally, there is an easy to use way to get calibrated and accurate manual AK incisions. The Mastel Compass combines the accuracy of the depth of cut for the Mastel diamonds with a fixed arc to track the diamond in. The Compass has etched degree marks for determining the length of the arc cuts. Very nice.”

Francis W. Price, Jr., MD
Price Vision Group
Indianapolis, Indiana

Francis W. Price, Jr., M.D.

Mastel has produced for more than 35 years fine diamond scalpels for Astigmatic Keratotomy (AK).  It is virtually impossible for the surgeon to use any micrometer or preset diamond blade and hold it perfectly in orientation to the corneal surface for optimal applanation and controlled depth requirements for successful outcomes.  In addition, following the curvilinear arcuate simply does not happen consistently in the best of hands when observing the results at the slit lamp.

We are pleased to introduce our new Arcuate Compass that sets all of the angles perfectly normal to the cornea and locates the diamond to be tangential to the arcuate at all times-all of this aimed at a 10 millimeter optical zone and applied with our ultimate premarking and centration systems; along with ultrasonic pachymetry to achieve the proper depths on a given cornea.  This is in perfect keeping with the only validated astigmatic keratotomy nomogram available in the world today, namely our Nomogram Adjusted for Pachymetry and Age (NAPA) from Louis D. ‘Skip’ Nichamin, MD.

  Download Napa Nomagram PDF Here

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